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The Best RankIQ Alternatives [2022]

I’ll give a comprehensive RankIQ Review in this post and share my thoughts on this potent SEO AI tool after using it quite intensively for a few months.

Since you are thinking about using RankIQ, you should also look into similar options or rivals to discover the ideal answer. SEO software is slowly becoming popular technology, and several people are looking for user-friendly, cutting-edge software solutions for keyword research. Content is another crucial thing to consider while looking for alternatives to RankIQ. I’ve produced a list of alternatives and rivals to RankIQ that includes Surfer, Mangools, SE Ranking and Semrush to mention just a few.

What is RankIQ?

Since I’ve been using RankIQ for a little over two months, I’m not sure how I ever managed without it.

Anyone who blogs or wants to optimize material to rank higher in Google search should use this tool. It has made it possible for me to concentrate more on what I enjoy doing most — writing and producing content — and less on “keyword research”

Rank IQ, an SEO toolkit built on IBM’s Watson AI (artificial intelligence) technology, assists bloggers in creating optimized content that will increase their chances of appearing on Google’s first page of results.

It accomplishes this in a number of ways, on which I will expand below.

RankIQ is an AI-powered toolkit designed just for bloggers. It advises you on what to include in your blog article and title, allowing you to create properly optimized content. RankIQ also provides a hand-picked database of low competition, high traffic keywords for each blog category.

You can check out the full review here!

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Why do bloggers use RankIQ?

Using a program like RankIQ makes it much easier to compose a blog article. It tells you the keywords you should be able to rank for, and suggests the blog post structure and keywords. Google doesn’t rank blog articles quickly enough to identify the difference between an ordinary blog post and one optimized using RankIQ.

Top 14 RankIQ Alternatives & Competitors

Look through the alternatives below. Based on the evidence I documented using each software whether, on the trial or subscription, you can evaluate how RankIQ compares to the competition;

#1 MOZ Pro



Moz Pro is a full collection of SEO tools for improving search engine ranking and exposure. It employs tried-and-true SEO indicators like Domain Authority and Page Authority to give high-quality data. Moz Pro saves time by optimizing workflows and breaking down data for better analysis.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More costly and takes longer to achieve ROI

#2 Surfer



Surfer is used by thousands of content, SEO, and marketing professionals to speed up their digital marketing. We think that marketing outcomes and user pleasure are inextricably linked. Surfer’s intelligent algorithms will help you rapidly identify the greatest content possibilities for your audience.

ln comparison to RankIQ: Slower to achieve ROI,  greater cost, although better at fulfilling targets.

#3 SE Ranking


SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a search engine optimization software for webmasters that is cloud-based and all-inclusive. It provides a comprehensive collection of tools for tracking keyword placements, site audits, and assessing competition SEO and PPC campaigns. Keyword recommendation and grouping, website rank, backlink tracking, and professional reporting automation.

ln comparison to RankIQ: Similar in many ways.

#4 Ahrefs



Ahrefs is a fantastic SEO tool that can help you rank better and get more people. Ahrefs has been employed by some of the world’s most famous marketers. It includes free learning resources and knowledgeable help to help you succeed in the digital marketing industry.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More costly

#5 SimilarWeb



The platform enables business executives, analysts, and marketers to quickly find the greatest possibilities, detect possible dangers, and make crucial business choices. Simple-to-use Digital Marketing and Research Intelligence solutions. Outperform your digital performance against competitors and market leaders by researching trends and consumer behaviour.

ln comparison to RankIQ: Will cost you more and take more time for you to achieve ROI

#6 Bloomreach



Bloomreach is the world’s leading Commerce Experience Cloud. It provides a package of products that promote real customization and digital commerce development. Over 850 worldwide brands use Bloomreach, including Albertsons, Bosch, Puma, FC Bayern München, and Marks & Spencer.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More costly and takes longer to achieve ROI

#7 SEO PowerSuite


SEO PowerSuite

With its use of on-page, mobile SEO, social media, analytics, reporting, and data, the software is the way to go. This best-in-class utility is a centralized location for all forms of SEO and presently provides over two million customers with an SEO power suite.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More costly and takes longer to achieve ROI

#8 SpyFu



SpyFu is a wonderful tool for anyone who is launching a campaign or refining what is currently in motion, thanks to its rich insights and reporting. SpyFu is an SEO and Adwords competitive intelligence tool. You may also conduct extensive keyword research. SpyFu is ranked 7% above average for competitor analysis.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More expensive

#9 Act-On



Act-On is a marketing automation system founded in 2008. It offers a full suite of tools like email marketing, website visitor monitoring, social media management, reporting, and analytics. The system also interfaces with webinar and event planning platforms such as Eventbrite.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More costly and takes longer to achieve ROI

#10 Serpstat



Serpstat is an SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Marketing, and Search Analytics growth hacking tool. It offers rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis. This solution is ideal for large firms, startups, freelancers, and even beginners.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More costly and takes longer to achieve ROI

#11 Marketing Miner


Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner is a data-driven SEO solution for all marketers. With over 40 features, you may gain important information and catapult your website’s ranks. Use the user-friendly interface and bulk data analysis tools to analyze up to 100,000 keywords in a single click.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More costly and takes longer to achieve ROI

#12 INK



How writers and teams can create organic content that is simpler, quicker, and more effective. Unlock the most powerful optimization AI that goes beyond what other content marketing solutions can do. Learn how to create meaningful, engaging relationships with the right audiences.

ln comparison to RankIQ: Similar in many ways though it will cost you more.

#13 SEMrush



Semrush is a market-leading software-as-a-service platform for online visibility management. The company has more than 55 products, tools, and add-ons for web users, including tools for search, content, social media, and market research. Semrush also offers seamless integration with Google, and task management platforms.

ln comparison to RankIQ: More costly and takes longer to achieve ROI

#14 Mangools


Mangools is an SEO toolkit that is ideal for bloggers, affiliate marketers, small businesses, and SEO companies. It is very popular because of its design and ease of usage. Keyword research, competition analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and SERP analysis are all important elements.

ln comparison to RankIQ: No AI writer included.

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