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RankIQ: The Best Option For Blogging Beginners 2022

What exactly is RankIQ?

RankIQ is a search engine optimization tool that assists bloggers in creating optimal blog post content. Administrators may use a single interface to detect high-traffic keywords with low competition and pick themes for blogs.

The AI-enabled platform enables content producers to locate and create material on the highest scoring themes based on Google’s ranking algorithm. RankIQ enables teams to measure page views over past postings, identify ineffective content, and improve it for traffic generation. It also provides tools for analyzing search engine results pages, allowing operators to find desired SEO-based titles with high click-through rates (CTRs).

RankIQ provides organizations with the ability to produce SEO reports that evaluate numerous sources, advise content readability ratings, and recommend word count based on the topic of choice. Monthly subscriptions are used for pricing, and assistance is provided via an online contact form.

RankIQ Pricing

Keyword Libraries: For each major blog niche, we have a hand-picked keyword library. Each library is stocked with terms with minimal competition but great traffic potential.

Title Study: Our top 30 SERP analysis indicates which keywords Google prefers in titles. You’ll be able to create an excellent title using terms that have been shown to give the greatest CTRs.

Content Analysis: Our AI content analysis highlights the subjects that Google’s ranking system wants you to cover, allowing you to quickly develop a thorough outline. Content

Optimizer: The AI-powered writing helper informs you what you need to include in your article so that you may create a thorough piece of content that can compete.

Starting price: $49.00 per month
Free trial: Not Available
Free version: Not Available
Rank IQ Prices

RankIQ is without a doubt the greatest SEO toolkit for bloggers!

RankIQ is without a doubt the greatest SEO toolkit I’ve come across. I’ve used Ahrefs and SEM Rush in the past, and while I adore Ahrefs, RankIQ is much easier to use. If you’re a rookie blogger, like me, and just starting out with SEO, RankIQ performs all the legwork for you. I loved using Ahrefs but found it complex, and the keywords I discovered frequently did not help my posts rank. With RankIQ, all of my keywords worked right immediately, and all of my new posts are ranking on Google’s first page. It’s like having someone hold your hand while you begin your blogging adventure. I’m really delighted to have discovered this tool.


  • This fantastic toolbox automates all aspects of SEO!
  • It’s quite simple to use, and the results are fantastic. My new blog entries are already ranking on the top page of Google, my blog is getting more traffic, and my revenue has increased in less than a month!
  • The keyword library, which is like gold dust, is my favourite feature of the application. I’ve discovered so many fresh keywords in my area that I had never considered before! RankIQ appears to be a helpful hand for little writers like myself who are still learning SEO – the keywords are done for you, and all you have to do is create the piece!
  • When I contacted Brandon, I always received a prompt and useful answer. He also offers excellent customer service.
  • Considering how excellent it is, the price is also really reasonable! Now I’m just eager to see how much RankIQ can aid in the expansion of my blog!


  • Every month, you get 16 reports. I rapidly used all of my reports since I was so eager to start experimenting with the keywords. However, I suppose that more report purchases will be an option in the future, so this problem should be resolved.

Reasons to select RankIQ

I adore Ahrefs, however, I thought it was a little pricey and complex. For new bloggers like myself who are not SEO experts, RankIQ is excellent since it is so simple to use and obviously more affordable.


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