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My Story

Floyd Kay

Hey I’m Floyd

Founder and CEO of Floyd Creative (PVT) Ltd

Born in Zimbabwe, Africa, a country widely regarded as the poorest in the world. Yet, ever since I began to understand myself, I have never questioned whether I am destined for greatness. I was technically the first person in my family to grasp the concept of social networking. I won’t lie, I realized the prospects that came with it from the first day.

The internet has created several business options. Consider how much Coca-Cola had to invest to become a worldwide behemoth, compared to how much Facebook or Airbnb had to invest to achieve the same influence. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the investment was drastically different. Coke needed to use a lot more.

Personally, I believe that the internet opens up incredible prospects for small businesses. More than ever before, you can start a business in your own backyard and turn it into a worldwide power. The internet has brought not just opportunity, but also access to finance, which was plainly not available 10 years ago. I’ve made it my mission to assist both large and small businesses in making an online impact and impression with their products and ideas.

I’m driven by values

I’m all about outcomes, not simply patting myself on the back. Not only do I believe in results, but I’m also concerned about how we get there. I’ve made it my duty to assist you in the most Christ-like manner possible.

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