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The 34 Ultimate Keyword Research Tools For SEO (2022)

Finding the ideal phrases to include in your blog post or online shop product description to help it rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) would be like throwing darts in a dark room without keyword research tools. You might occasionally strike the target, but a lot of darts would fall to the ground.

A website SEO strategy can be made easier by keyword research tools in a number of ways. They may provide you suggestions for new keywords, show you how many people are actively using a search term, spot trends, and let you know how tough it is to rank for a certain phrase.

What keywords do you use when generating content targeted at particular niches? Know the market! That’s where I’d start my research: the keyword! When you use keywords to search, you may learn more in-depth information about the theme or subtopic of interest. I discussed the following free and paid resources to aid your keyword search:

My Top Ten Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google  Search Console
  2. AnswerThePublic
  3. Google Trends
  4. RankIQ
  5. Ubersuggest
  6. Ahref’s Keyword Explorer
  7. H-supertools
  8. SEMrush
  9. SE Ranking
  10. Google Auto-complete

The total list of 35 Keywords Research Tools continues below with all of them in-depth.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Search

Finding the right keywords for your company and figuring out how you now rank or may rank for them on Google is the process of conducting keyword research.

There are a ton of reasons why a digital marketing strategy should prioritize keyword research. Here are some of the most important justifications:

  • You can better understand your brand and business by being aware of your keywords. What products do you sell? What do you have to offer? If you are unaware of this, knowing your keywords might help you come to terms with who you are.
  • You may learn important details from keyword research, like your position for certain keywords, the phrases that are easiest to rank for, and the keywords that your rivals are ranking for.
  • Instead of assuming what people are searching for, keyword research might reveal what they are looking for.
  • Only if search engines are aware of your business can they rank your website. When you focus on specific keywords on various website pages, you may then get ranked for those keywords by Google.
  • Finding the right keywords to utilize in outreach and blogs helps increase website traffic.

Prior to starting to discuss keyword research and keyword research tools. To begin, you must thoroughly comprehend what SEO is.

Keyword Research Tools

Companies can assess Keyword search volume by doing keyword research using SEO keyword research tools. For each search phrase provided, a good keyword tool delivers exact monthly search volumes. Competitiveness/Difficulty. Find out how challenging it is to rank for a certain term depending on the level of competition.

Google Trends - Keyword Research Tool
Google Trends

A free tool for exploring and analyzing current and past Google search patterns. Google Trends provides a graphic breakdown of a keyword’s relative search popularity over time. On the Google Trends dashboard at a glance. Based on selected data and search queries from the Google search engine, one may learn what is popular locally and worldwide.

Key Features include

  • Used to identify what’s currently trending 
  • Used to isolate popular topics or subtopics within an industry or other related to a particular theme
  • Used to identify patterns in locally searched terms
  • Used to find related keywords that are growing in popularity
  • Used to see where topics are most popular
  • Has a choice to see information from YouTube, Google Shopping, and Google Images


  • It comes at no cost.
  • Ideal for creating seasonal content 


  • May not provide you with all the information, such as the causes of a possible decline in traffic for a specific search phrase.


100% Free


Keyword Research using ATP

With the use of the keyword research tool AnswerThePublic, you may uncover long-tail keywords associated with a subject by compiling Google autocomplete recommendations. By generating word clouds that visually group related searches, it does this.

An amazing tool for article inspiration is AnswerThePublic. With the aid of its word clouds, you may foresee more particular queries and search terms that your audience may enter. It might help you come up with concepts for more pertinent material.

This program makes use of autocomplete information obtained from 191 countries using Google and Bing.

Key Features include

  • Prepositional terms for searching (e.g., chocolate for dipping)
  • Comparisons (e.g., chocolate vs. vanilla ice cream)
  • Alphabetical (keywords arranged according to the word that comes after “chocolate.” Chocolate advent calendars, for instance, would fall under category “A.”
  • similar searches

All of their Pro plans, which start at $79 per month, include the following features:

  • Endless keyword searches
  • CSV export of data for comparison over time
  • Cover up branches and ideas
  • High-resolution images
  • Priority solutions for customer support and education (contents vary by plan)


  • On its visual search cloud, keyword suggestions are given to you in a mind map-like fashion.
  • Ensure long-tail keyword optimization
  • Prepositional, comparative, alphabetical, and related search terms
  • Who, what, where, when, why, which, will, how, can, and are – such questions.
  • Prepositions such as “can,” “for,” “is,” “near,” “to,” “with,” “without,” etc.
  • Comparisons: vs, similar to, or, and
  • ABCs from A to Z
  • Display search results as visualizations and data, and allow picture downloads.
  • Everything can be exported to CSV.


Although AnswerThePublic is free to use, the number of queries you may conduct is restricted depending on the volume of traffic to its domain. Pro subscriptions require an upgrade if you wish to do limitless searches.


RankIQ - Keyword Research
Rank IQ

This tool is specifically for bloggers, an AI-powered SEO toolkit was created. You may produce properly optimized content in half the time because it instructs you on what to put in your article and title. Additionally, it contains a hand-selected collection of the most popular yet low-competition keywords for each blog category.

At RankIQ, important blog subjects are covered in their hand-picked keyword library (over 200 and counting). The terms with the lowest levels of competition and the most potential for traffic are all included in every library.

The keywords that Google prefers in titles are revealed via an examination of the top 30 SERPs. To produce the greatest CTRs using terms known can produce a stellar title. You can make an old, underperforming post perform better in less than 30 minutes by optimizing it. One of the simplest strategies to boost your income and traffic is to do this.

Key Features include

  • Businesses may use RankIQ to make use of the AI-based content report, choose themes based on Google’s ranking algorithm, and create blog post summaries.
  • It enables teams to change data across articles to produce material that can contend for a first-page Google ranking.
  • Old content can be optimized by administrators to boost traffic and revenue from website visits.
  • With the use of RankIQ, content producers may analyze SERPs, find keywords, and use click-through rates (CTRs) to create titles.
  • It provides a hand-picked keyword library for each major blog subject that contains the terms with the least amount of competition and the most potential for traffic.


  • Readily accessed blog post concepts for terms that one aims to rank for.
  • When I contacted Brandon, I always received a prompt and useful answer. He also offers excellent customer service.
  • The user interface is considerate, simple to use, and unquestionably beneficial.
  • When it comes to researching keywords and competing for content, the data is clear and significant time-saving.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to assist me in writing articles


  • A total of 16 free reports are offered each month by RankIQ.
  • There is no option to divide “My Keywords Library” into different categories or topics. Without this feature, all of my keywords are in a single table, making it difficult to appropriately filter them.


$49 ($50 Off)

$49 per month (usually $99)

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool
Keyword Tool

To locate and target long-tail keywords, goods, and hashtags, the Keyword Tool combines autocomplete data from several search engines, such as Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, eBay, and the Play Store.

Google’s Keyword Planner hides long-tail keywords and that is the focus of Keyword Tool. Because of this, SEO, content marketing, and organic search all benefit most from the usage of the Keyword Tool.

The Play Store, Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon, Instagram, and other search engines provide autocomplete and other search data.

Key Features include

  • Separate keyword search options for Twitter, Instagram, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, and YouTube.
  • Languages with a wide range of search options
  • Use the negative keywords box to filter out keywords that include undesired meanings in them.


  • It’s a fantastic tool for multichannel marketers and sellers who wish to rank on search engines other than Google.


  • The free version of this quick and simple tool restricts you to 2 searches each day.


The Keyword Tool’s main purpose is free. You may purchase Keyword Tool Pro to have access to comprehensive data for all keyword selections.

  • Pro Basic costs $69 per month for 7,000 daily keywords.
  • Pro Plus offers 35,000 keywords every day for $79 per month.
  • Pro Business: 70,000 per day for $159 per month.


QuestionDB is another keyword tool that determines the queries actual people are entering into search engines on particular subjects. The platform currently obtains these questions from Reddit.

You may streamline your keyword research by grouping queries together based on popularity or topic.

If you want to make blog articles, it may be especially helpful to research the questions and requests Reddit users are making since you can tailor each piece of material you publish to address those requests and questions.

For the creation of content, this tool is useful. This tool assists you in gaining a thorough insight of what your target audience is actually interested in. This is all because of its enormous database of queries. With this knowledge, you may produce more insightful content that responds to those queries.

Key Features include

  • Its database contains more than 32 million questions.
  • Your findings are available for download with just one click.
  • You can choose to make each question’s source link visible.
  • You may also look at the responses.
  • QuestionDB displays topics that are mentioned in the questions in the search.


  • The data may be easily exported as CSV for the reason of uploading to content calendars and other services.
  • Knowing the questions your target audience is asking can help you create content that is incredibly relevant to them.
  • Access a database with more than 48 million inquiries.
  • By not relying on information from Google or other well-known search engines, you may identify original perspectives for your content and long-tail keywords.
  • View an easy-to-use UI with straightforward and transparent features.


  • Reddit is the only source of data; no other data sources are used.
  • Instead of just being a tool for keyword research, it’s more of a subject finder.
  • There may be fewer suggestions for certain more specialized topics.
  • 10 results are available per search in the free edition; access to limitless results costs $10 per month.
  • Questiondb’s limited dataset makes it less than ideal for conducting in-depth keyword research; you’ll want to utilize it in conjunction with other tools.


Free for the first 50 results per query; premium results begin at $10/mo.

Tube Buddy


A browser add-on called TubeBuddy aids YouTube channel producers with channel optimization, publication, promotion, and growth. Their films can even be A/B tested. The Keyword Explorer tool in their arsenal aids producers in locating long-tail keywords and popular tags.

Through Keyword Explorer, you may do keyword research particular on YouTube. In addition, you may make use of their templates, split testing, and other tools to test and implement your new channel-relevant keywords.

Both YouTube and Google Trends have keyword data available in Keyword Explorer.

Once you’ve given TubeBuddy access to your YouTube channel, you can find TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer within the browser extension and app. Click “Explore” after entering a term or topic of interest to utilize it.

Key Features include

  • For that keyword, you may find a score. This rating takes into account your level of competition and how well-optimized the top-ranking videos are.
  • With a premium subscription, you may additionally obtain weighted scores that are particular to your channel.
  • Along with a breakdown of interest in that subject through time on Google and YouTube, you can also see relevant video subjects and tags here.
  • The top-ranking videos and channels are included in the Results tab’s snapshot of the current YouTube results for that search. This might be used for research into rival companies.
  • A Videolytics panel may be found if you choose to watch one of those videos after clicking through. You may discover performance information, SEO best practices, and even video tags here.
  • The Map tab displays the geographic areas with the most interest in this subject. Plan material that speaks specifically to visitors in particular locations or determines the optimum time to post based on your audience.


With a free membership, you may use Keyword Explorer to examine the top 3 search results and conduct up to 25 searches each day. You also won’t have access to information that is channel-specific, such as weighted keyword scores.

You must upgrade to a Pro account or above to utilize Keyword Explorer without restrictions:

  • Pro: $9 per month
  • Star: $19 per month
  • Legend: $49 per month



The program AlsoAsked compiles data from Google’s People Also Ask so you can evaluate it and use it to guide your approach. Any digital marketer will tell you that the People Also Ask (PAA) box is a gold mine for subjects and queries associated with your chosen keyword.

It is simple to come up with fresh content concepts that address PAA inquiries.

Data from Google’s People Also Ask results, which are a compilation of searches people also do when looking for your initial query, are gathered and organized by AlsoAsked. The only queries that AlsoAsked will return results for are those that gave a PAA box.


As of this writing, all free users of AlsoAsked have access to a Bulk account, which is the highest level of paid account possibilities. This is because AlsoAsked is presently in beta.

Outside of the test, a normal free membership would provide you access to your search history, 10 monthly searches, and the ability to export photographs.

You may do more searches each month, export CSV data and unbranded photos, and bulk upload the keywords you intend to explore with paid subscriptions. Prices are not currently mentioned on AlsoAsked’s website.



For e-commerce companies or marketers who use many channels, Soovle is fantastic. It aids in the discovery of well-liked terms across several mega sites, such as Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, and eBay.

Both a keyword generator and a tool for keyword research, Soovle does both. It automatically produces sentences as you write your goal terms to help you elaborate on your concepts.

Key Features include

  • It is simple to move between search engines.
  • You may customize the search options.
  • By using the provided search engine, you can find recommendations.
  • You have access to products that have been preserved in the future.


  • Free, limitless use of searches
  • Search hints from as many as seven different engines
  • Auto-suggest keywords instantly
  • Compare relevant search results
  • To check-in search engines, click on the result.


Soovle is cost-free.

Sellzone Keyword Wizard Tool

Sellzone Landing Page

An Amazon SEO tool called Keyword Wizard has a database of more than 200 million keywords, including information provided by Semrush. Amazon merchants that use Keyword Wizard can improve the visibility of their product listings in on-site searches conducted by Amazon.

To increase exposure, users can enhance their Amazon product listings.

Utilizing Keyword Wizard is easy. First, input a seed term that describes the category of your merchandise (e.g., “towels”). Broad match, phrase match, exact match, and related keywords are all included in the list of relevant keywords that Keyword Wizard will provide.

Key Features include

Amazon keyword tool Sellzone

Use the search filters to focus your search. For instance, you may omit or include specific terms, filter by phrase length, or concentrate exclusively on keywords with a specific number of rivals.

When you have chosen some keywords you like, you may export your choices to a CSV file for future use and to improve your product listings.


The Sellzone Keyword Wizard is available without cost. A free account is limited to a daily search of three seed keywords and up to a maximum of 100 results. Additionally, exporting, sorting, and intelligent filters won’t be available to you.

You will need to subscribe to a Growth account, which costs $50 per month, to have complete access and limitless searches.

Google Keyword Planner.

One of the most used and well-liked keyword research tools is the Google Keyword Planner. Its availability for free and direct integration with Google AdWords is the only factor contributing to its popularity.

You need to have an AdWords account to use this feature (which you can create for free).

The main focus of Keyword Planner is on pay-per-click (PPC) data rather than organic search data because it is primarily an ad platform. So, even while it’s helpful for any SEO expert or digital marketer, individuals who work in paid advertising stand to benefit the most from the technology.

Google forecasts what you may anticipate when focusing on each combination of terms using its past search data. Nevertheless, depending on what you’re aiming for and how you decide to go about it, your actual outcomes may differ.

Key Features include

  • Direct access to up-to-date information via Google search
  • Create lists of keywords depending on various campaigns, prospective revenue, and other factors.
  • Enjoy seamless Google Ads integration.


Despite being nominally free, you can only use Keyword Planner with a Google Ads account (which asks for billing information). It’s advisable to use a Google Ads-funded account to utilize this service as doing so can provide you access to more accurate statistics.



Similar to the above-mentioned content ideation tools, Ubersuggest allows you to filter keyword ideas by comparison, inquiry, and prepositional variants. It also provides project creation along with the essential keyword, SERP, and site analysis data, comparable to the paid tools below.

One of the best tools for keyword research is the ability to track your Ubersuggest rank..

The useful notes this tool provides, such as “The average web page that ranks in the top 10 for this phrase has X backlinks and a domain score of X,” are one way it stands apart from other search engines. Another is the tool called “Content Ideas,” which displays sites that are performing well for that term as well as the number of Facebook and Pinterest shares they have.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas
Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas

Key Features include

  • To find out the competitor’s keyword page ranking, it offers a comprehensive SEO report.
  • Other websites may have organic keyword suggestions.
  • The tool aids with your understanding of the backlinks that have the most influence on your rankings.
  • For each Keyword, you can view the search volume, competitiveness, and seasonal patterns.
  • Based on what other users are putting into the Google search engine, it provides a list of terms.
  • Based on the subjects that people are interested in, you may create better content with the aid of our keyword research tool.


  • If you run a local business, it can be useful because it leverages location-based data.
  • Use a standard online search as well as those for YouTube, Images, Shopping, News, and more.
  • Find important SEO statistics such as your backlinks, top SEO sites, and monthly organic traffic.
  • Social media shares, content suggestions, and SEO difficulty score.
  • Keyword suggestions that are linked to initial result.
  • View the top 100 Google results for the specified term together with anticipated visitors, backlinks, a domain score, and social media shares.
  • Everything may be exported to CSV.


Ubersuggest provides a 7-day FREE Trial as well as LIFETIME Plans that start at $120 and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your use of the free version is restricted to 3 keyword searches daily and one website.


H-supertools Keyword Explorer
Keyword Explorer

H-supertools is a powerful, all-in-one marketing toolkit designed to help businesses grow their online presence and reach their target audiences. With H-supertools, businesses can create beautiful websites, landing pages, and email campaigns that are optimized for conversion. Additionally, H-supertools provides users with access to powerful SEO and social media tools that can help them boost their visibility and reach. H-supertools is designed to integrate with your existing blog or website and provides a host of features to help you easily manage and maintain your blog or website.


100% Free, although it appears that soon a point system will be in place so that users may fully profit from the program.

Semrush Position Tracking Tool

Semrush Position Tracking Tool
Position Tracking

Based on a unique set of keywords, the Position Tracking tool keeps track of where your domain stands concerning those of your rivals. About a certain place or device type, it may also track your position.

It’s critical to track and report on your domain’s development concerning your SEO objectives and the competition. By choosing which sites to optimize, you can also utilize these data to modify your SEO approach going ahead.

Position Tracking employs objective Google search results, so it is unaffected by factors like past searches, browsing patterns, and preferred languages.


Position Tracking is available for free, however, a premium membership will give you access to more capabilities. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Free: Make one position tracking project and monitor up to ten keywords.
  • Pro: Track up to 500 keywords and create five projects.
  • Guru: 15 projects may be created, and 1,500 keywords can be tracked. Get access to reports on Cannibalization, Devices, and Locations, as well as Multitargeting.
  • Business: Track 4,000 keywords while creating 40 projects. Gain access to information on Cannibalization, Devices, and Locations as well as Multitargeting. Obtain the capacity to schedule Excel and CSV outputs.

Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tool

WordStream Free Keyword Tool
WordStream Free Keyword Tool

You may input a term or URL in WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool to obtain a list of relevant keyword recommendations, including related and long-tail versions, along with information on search volume, competition, and CPC. Additional filters include the location (for more than 23 countries) and industry (by 24 different verticals). The top 25 keywords will be available straight away from the tool. Simply enter your address to receive the complete list free of charge.

Best keyword research instruments: the free keyword tool from Wordstream

Additionally, we’ve compiled a database of the most popular terms across 60 distinct verticals using the results of our keyword research. You may get the top 25 keywords for your vertical by visiting our Popular Keywords page and selecting it. Finding seed keywords and campaign launch points has never been easier.

Wordstream’s popular keywords page is among the top free resources for keyword research.

Better still, browse down the Popular Keywords page to learn how to use high-volume keywords, then scroll down the pages for the relevant verticals to learn how to promote there.

Key Features include

  • It offers a result with the estimated CPC and competition score (Cost Per Click)
  • A keyword list is available for download in CSV (comma-separated values) format.
  • You may upload a downloaded file to Google Ads using this.
  • You may use the online search or paid search advertising to drive visitors with the aid of our competitive keyword research tool.
  • Using an authentication technique, you may safely link your Google Ads account.
  • It offers a tool for generating ideas, such as long-tail keywords (three and four keywords), PPC (Pay Per Click) keywords, etc.


  • Using a keyword or website link, search
  • Using statistics on competition, CPC, and search volume, choose the optimal keyword.
  • Industry-specific keyword results filtering
  • Provide keyword volume and CPC data for Google and Bing.
  • Selecting a keyword from the most popular verticals


  • For the whole list of terms, an email address must be provided; else, just 25 will be sent.
  • Other systems could include a few more SEO tools like a site-auditor or competitive analysis.
  • Smaller or newer websites may find that they don’t have enough content for the keyword research tool to work effectively.
  • For app, shopping, or video advertisements, there is no keyword research.
  • The system might be sluggish to function and load, especially on the dashboard.


Free for the first 25 results; free by email for the remaining results.

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Keyword Planner Tool

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Keyword Planner Tool
Intelligence Keyword Planner Tool

You may input a list of keywords into the free Excel plugin provided by the Microsoft Keyword Planner Tool to obtain a massive list of keyword recommendations, complete with data for volume, clicks, searches, CPC, bid estimates, and match type, and [a ton of other] metrics.

Microsoft Advertising Keyword Planner results for keyword research tools

Although a lot is going on here, the data may be organized and filtered in a variety of ways. Four methods are provided below:

  • To achieve a list that is free of duplicates, arrange the traffic view by device rather than match type.
  • To find the terms that are (and aren’t) appropriate for your audience, filter by age group and gender.
  • To acquire keyword recommendations, paste in a list of URLs. After that, verify the device and keyword match type that was used for those terms.
  • Look for relevant keywords that other marketers are bidding on to see if you can compete.

The list of fresh keywords you come up with may also be entered into the Google Keyword Planner to see what results from it produces. The difference between low-volume terms on Bing and Google, and vice versa, will surprise you. Joe Martinez, a PPC specialist, explains how to utilize the Microsoft keyword tool in this article.

Key Features include

  • Strong list organization and templates for keyword research.


A Microsoft Ads account is cost-free.



Reddit is mined by Keyworddit for keywords. Enter a certain subreddit with at least 10,000 subscribers, along with a period, to utilize it. Up to 500 keywords with search volumes are extracted by the program by sifting through the titles and comments.

The relevancy of the results may change due to the diversity of responses within each subreddit. High relevance can be specified, however, doing so makes the tool a little slower.

Although Keyworddit is not intended to replace other keyword research tools, it might be a useful addition to your current approach. Popular website Reddit is where people with certain interests go deeply into a subject. It could turn up keywords and blog subjects that you wouldn’t discover using other search engines.

Key Features include

  • An auto-generated list of subreddits emerges as soon as you begin typing their names to make sure you choose the correct one.
  • GrepWords’ keyword volumes: Using cutting-edge technology, GrepWords offers hyperlocal search volume data that is of the highest quality. You would save a ton of money by using Keyworddit instead of paying up to a $50 monthly fee for GrepWords on your own.
  • Context tool: Following the creation of your list of keywords, a “Context” link will appear next to the search volume. When you click on it, a customized Google search result page with the term appears. By doing so, you can discover how people are using the term and tailor your content to meet their demands.
  • Once you’ve created a list of powerful keywords, exporting them is simple. To download them to your PC, simply click the “Export” option.


What makes this marketing tactic so effective? It is free. The website Higher Visibility, which also provides a few other free SEO tools and digital marketing resources, created it. Although this business does charge for SEO assistance and assistance with digital marketing, using Keyworddit is free.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console
Google Search Console

One of the numerous ways to utilize Google Search Console for SEO is for keyword research. The top searches that brought up your site in the SERP are listed under “Search results” on the left-hand pane, together with information about clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and positions for each.

After that, you may filter by URL to check how well your keyword targeting is working. From there, you can enter the other search terms into a keyword research tool to see whether your content should contain them.

Key Features include

  • It’s useful for developing fresh content concepts and improving current SEO content.
  • The most precise organic reporting in real-time.


100% Free for everyone who has a website.

KWfinder by Mangools

KWfinder by Mangools

KWFinder is your best option if you’re searching for a tool that is solely focused on keyword research. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, they are one of the SEO tool firms with the quickest growth rates.

The keyword that can help you drive highly focused traffic may be found with KWFinder. You may identify long-tail keywords associated with problem-solving rapidly by using the Questions-based Keyword Research tool. Content that solves problems increases targeted traffic and conversion.

Mangools Dashboard
Mangools Dashboard

Key Features include

  • There are 40 different languages and more than 50,000 sites to pick from.
  • If you’re interested in finding out the keywords your rival ranks for, the “Search by Domain” option is fantastic.
  • It is quick and offers excellent assistance.
  • One of the better tools available for keyword research is this one.
  • Advanced options for keyword research include filtering results and SERP analysis.


  • It has a distinctive user interface that is simple to use.
  • Locate keywords everywhere, in whatever language you want.
  • Detailed SERP overview
  • It employs filters to hone the list of suggested keywords.
  • Identifying SEO keywords based on questions
  • Consider Adding Related Keywords
  • Autocomplete suggestions for keywords
  • Keywords for organic searches utilizing a domain
  • Find keyword information on trends, the most searches, CPCs, and keyword difficulty.


Paid and free plans are available through KWFinder. The basic plan is the best for the majority of customers.

To test the KWFinder keyword research app’s performance, utilize the free 10-day trial account.



I recently learned about Serpstat, another extensive keyword research tool. They have done an excellent job in assisting us in locating profitable keywords.

The following information is provided by the Serpstat keyword tool:

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • CPC
  • Keyword difficulty score

You can choose to use the Yandex search engine or depending on the country. You may learn more about the historical pattern of keyword searches by reading the section on keyword trends.

The top 10 websites that have achieved ranking for the phrase are displayed in a section with a thorough keyword difficulty score, along with information like page rank, external backlinks, and referring domains. This kind of information is quite helpful when determining if you can rank them for a particular keyword or not.

For PPC users, the Serpstat keyword research page also displays any domains that are running advertisements for your target term in Serpstat searches, along with the nature of those ads. Something unusual on this list of the top keyword research tools.

Serpstat is a tool used by small businesses to establish new links, do keyword analysis, and create a strategic SEO platform.

Key Features include

  • Potential search inquiries are generated by a content marketing tool.
  • Use a tool for advertising research to go through appropriate advertisement examples.
  • Access to the tools for website analytics provided by Serpstat


Serpstat offers free data merely for signing up.

The price each month is $19.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer by MOZ
Keyword Explorer by MOZ

One of the top sources for SEO information is Moz (the firm). In addition to being the creator of Whiteboard Fridays and Domain Authority, it also has a free Chrome plugin that displays Page and Domain Authority for any page.

MoZ Keyword Explorer Layout
Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword Explorer, one of its tools, provides information on-page optimization, site audits, rank tracking, and your basic keyword data. Based on the statistics for the term in question and your “My Score,” which is a rating of how pertinent the keyword is to your company, it offers a Priority Score to assist you to decide if it is worthwhile to target it.

It does not, however, include many of the features that Semrush or Ahrefs give, such as SERP position history or the number of keywords a ranking result ranks for. Since Rand Fishkin departed the firm in 2018, the platform hasn’t received many updates. However, if you’re searching for a simpler, more user-friendly platform, it is an excellent choice.

Key Features include

  • Good for SEO and PPC beginners to intermediates who don’t require bells and whistles.
  • Priority Score and Organic CTR.


Free for 10 searches per month; premium searches begin at $99 per month.

Keyword Sheeter

Free Keyword Tool by Keyword Sheeter
Free Keyword Tool by Keyword Sheeter

Google autocomplete results are downloaded by Keyword Sheeter. It provides real-time information on the search terms that users are entering.

The keyword generator Keyword Sheeter is a great option if you need to quickly produce a huge list of keyword suggestions. Your list may be exported for free, and it pulls roughly 1,000 ideas every minute.

It’s a quick and effective tool for finding blog subject ideas. However, neither search volume nor information on how difficult it is to rank for a term is included in Keyword Sheeter’s free services.


Free keyword suggestions are retrieved using Keyword Sheeter. You must buy “Sheet Coins” to access more info. These have a low price per keyword of $0.0012.

Bulk Keyword Generator

Highervisibility Bulk Keyword Generator
HigherVisibility Bulk Keyword Generator

Bulk Keyword Generator is one of the greatest free resources to use for better research for companies in a certain sector. It concentrates on creating keywords based on your industry type and works best for local geographic SEO.

The program creates the most crucial keywords to concentrate on once you choose your speciality from a list. The software will first develop a list of local keywords linked to the services or goods your business deals with once you choose your industry and precise region.

This is a terrific tool to use if you’re not sure how to properly optimize the website for your company because it will enable you to focus on the specifics of each page. Make sure you constantly use the right keywords to describe your goods and services on your website by utilizing the Bulk Keyword Generator to avoid jeopardizing your SEO efforts.

Additionally, it considers the local SEO component of the process, which may significantly impact service-based businesses like neighbourhood contractors. This program generates a sizable keyword list that is full of suggestions for various blog posts, articles, and other types of content.


  • For use in reports or a content calendar, export keywords as a CSV file.
  • Utilize regionally targeted keywords to outperform nearby rivals.
  • Rank Better in Google’s local search results and for local search results.
  • Make as many keyword lists as you like.
  • Quickly retrieves lengthy keyword lists, making it simpler and faster to discover results.


  • Not suitable for larger or internet enterprises because it is designed for small firms.
  • There are no further SEO capabilities built into the software.
  • The user interface is really basic.
  • Depending on the sort of business, keyword lists may be relatively small.
  • Doesn’t offer other stats like search volume or keyword difficulty.


Free SEO Tool

SEO Powersuite

SEO PowerSuite
SEO PowerSuite

A wider selection of tools is available in SEO PowerSuite for the effective administration of your SEO strategy. It provides several SEO analysis tools, as well as tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, content editing, PPC ad optimization, and much more.

Key Features include

  • All search engines are covered by SEO PowerSuite, which also provides limitless sites, keywords, and backlinks.
  • Automate all of your SEO tasks, including site audits, rank monitoring, and backlink analysis and reporting.
  • You may schedule tasks with SEO PowerSuite at any time and frequency.
  • The automated report mailer will send reports to clients as a direct link or attachment on your timetable.


  • Keyword metrics in-depth such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and Alexa ranking.
  • Analyses of PPC built-in
  • 19 unique tools for keyword suggestion
  • Statistics on traffic and bounce rates for each keyword


Download a working free version, please!



A keyword-finding program called InstaKeywords provides you with a ton of keyword ideas. It offers crucial information like the number of local searches over the past month, the number of searches overall, the competitiveness score, etc.

Key Features include

  • With a simple click, all keywords may be exported.
  • You may use Instakeywords to do keyword searches on iPads and Android smartphones while on the go.
  • There are no images or advertisements on it.
  • On a single page, this keyword research tool presents keywords and statistics.
  • You may locate long-term keywords with the aid of Instakeywords.


  • Swift or thorough searches
  • Specific keyword metrics should be provided, such as volume, search trends, CPC, competition score, etc.
  • Three times more keyword ideas
  • Results exported as an MS Excel file
  • Result of a competition analysis
  • Functions everywhere, including on a mobile
  • A thorough search produced hundreds of results.


Special one-time pricing with a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee (no monthly fees)!

Keyword Chef

Keyword Chef
Keyword Chef

Best for finding keywords automatically and performing real-time SERP analysis. Using the keyword tool Keyword Chef, you may discover helpful phrases that are simpler to rank for than other search terms. It automatically displays the outcomes based on your input. It examines the SERPs to give you an indication of each keyword’s relevance.

Key Features include

  • It automatically removes all the unnecessary words for you, making it easier to discover the words.
  • It saves you a ton of time by automatically locating and highlighting the finest websites for you.
  • Large-scale real-time SERPs
  • With no monthly fees, simply pay for the keywords you use.
  • Your reports may be shared publicly and are readily saved automatically.
  • You may target clusters using the Smart wildcard search tool.
  • Utilization is simple.
  • The dashboard has all the tools you need for proper teaching, which makes it simpler to comprehend and utilize the program.


  • Automatic keyword research and filtering are done by Keyword Chef.
  • SERP evaluation in real-time
  • Target clusters and the best-of subjects with intelligent wildcard search
  • Sort results using term clusters, search volume, and SERP score
  • Select a keyword and export it to CSV



Best for an in-depth examination of keyword competition. A tool called Keysearch can assist you in compiling a list of pertinent, low-competition keywords for your website or blog. It offers a variety of approaches to obtain your keywords. You may use this tool to retrieve keywords suggested by Google, Amazon, and YouTube and utilize them to do an in-depth study of keyword competitiveness.

Key Features include

  • Five keywords can be searched each day.
  • You may use it to verify your website’s backlinks.
  • You may examine your website.
  • With the help of this application, you may make reports and notifications for ranking modifications.
  • To learn how Keysearch functions, watch the provided video lesson.
  • You may monitor your website’s ranking.
  • It regularly updates automatically.


Receive Free Daily 5 Searches & Analysis! (Credit card not necessary!)

Google Auto-Complete

Google Auto-Complete
Google Auto-Complete

Need to conduct some keyword research but lack the time? The best option is almost usually Google Autocomplete.

Simply launch a new browser tab, navigate to Google, and begin typing a search keyword. Your autocomplete will begin with the results, which can assist you in turning one- or two-word keywords into longtails.

Additionally, it might help you understand what people are looking for or how they’re wording a certain query. Even if the procedure is quite simple, it is a great alternative to have in mind if you only need to add a few short keywords to your list. You can use it as a source for:

  • Some suggested keywords
  • Content concepts
  • Discovering user intent
  • Get more data-driven jobs done



Adword & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

You may use a program to find keyword variants called the AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator. The generator will take up to three lists of keywords and combine them in as many different ways as it can to offer you a variety of permutations to pick from.

This is one of the most straightforward tools on the list, but it’s also one of the most effective because it lets you make permutations for hundreds of keywords at once.

Key Features include

  • There are three areas for keyword lists.
  • Generation of instant permutations for hundreds of keywords
  • There are several options for how to present keyword permutations.


100% free.

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout
Wordtracker Scout

The free browser add-on Wordtracker Scout turns any website you visit into a keyword research tool. Simply click the Wordtracker logo next to your search bar to learn more about the SEO of that page and discover keywords you can use for your marketing.

Key Features include

  • Quick evaluation of any website that offers details on basic page information and keywords used in page content
  • The capacity to see outcomes for several locations
  • Copy functionality that makes it simple to transport all results
  • Full compatibility with the Wordtracker program


Wordtracker Scout is completely free, however, for best results, combine it with the paid Wordtracker tool.


SEObility SEO Audit Tool
SEO Audit Tool

Seobility offers a thorough on-page SEO audit, link-building tools, and backlink analysis in addition to ranking tracking. The Seobility all-in-one SEO software is completed with other tools for content development and optimization, such as the TF*IDF tool.

A website’s related pages are all crawled for mistakes or issues with on-page optimization, which are then gathered and distinctly shown in an on-page SEO audit. Each study includes thorough information as well as suggestions for problem-solving and optimization. Regular crawls may be planned for a constant website assessment and tracking of the optimization work. After every crawl, Seobility gives a thorough report and alerts the customer if there are any serious issues.

Backlink analysis provides in-depth data on the referring domains, anchor texts, and other aspects of a website. Additionally, often updated data on newly created and lost backlinks offer useful information about this aspect of off-page SEO. This module’s advice for link development and competitor analysis.

Google ranking data for your keywords that are regularly updated for desktop and mobile devices. Utilize sophisticated options such as keyword tagging, for instance, to evaluate categories or localized results. Keep an eye on your rivals by keeping track of their activity.

Quality and usability are prioritized in the design of Seobility’s SEO software. Both experienced SEOs and SEO newbies may use Seobility.

Key Features include

  • SEO Evaluation
  • SEO Reporting under a White Label
  • Tracking SEO Change


  • It’s fantastic to be able to rescan your site whenever you deem it necessary to do so rather than having to wait for your SEO tool to complete its scheduled scan.
  • An application that is simple to use and offers excellent explanations and analyses can help you improve where and what is necessary to rank better.
  • Working with Seobility is incredibly enjoyable, comfortable, and fulfilling.


  • Refreshing keyword placement manually or individually can be problematic and frequently times out.
  • Finding and fixing issues that are stated with site content might occasionally be challenging, but this is a problem that all SEO reporting tools share.
  • However, we need additional choices and in-depth information for mistakes and warnings. The challenges with SEO might be challenging to comprehend at times.


From $0 to $200, Seobility offers 3 price variants. Additionally, Seobility offers a free trial.



One of the most effective SEO tools and browser plugins, SEOquake provides a wide range of SEO analytics. It is especially helpful for content marketing because it provides instant, in-depth information about any website.

Key Features

  • The number of outbound connections
  • Rank on Alexa
  • SEMrush rank, Domain age, and Google rank


100% Free

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro
Long Tail Pro

Using the keyword research tool Long Tail Pro, you may discover less popular terms. Whatever your niche, these keywords can assist you in obtaining high-converting web visitors.

Along with the keyword competitiveness score, it provides outstanding keyword ideas in bulk. For new businesses and amateurs, this SEO tool is ideal.

Key Features include

  • Create many projects to keep all of your campaigns for various sites organized.
  • Quickly import the best keywords into Excel and export them from Excel to the Long-Tail Pro dashboard.


  • Identifying popular terms
  • For long-tail keyword creation


  • Minimal manual keywords
  • Only a few seed keywords
  • Does not aid in the analysis of backlinks


Long Tail Pro has a 10-day money-back guarantee in addition to three distinct price tiers. The monthly charges for the Agency plan are $98; the Pro plan is $45, and the Starter plan is $25.

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords
Seed Keywords

Website owners, bloggers, and influencers may uncover the most profitable keywords using Seed Keywords to improve their search engine rankings. By designing a search scenario for a certain inquiry, users may uncover the best keywords for their websites.

This is how it goes:

  1. Make a scenario first, which is nothing more than a query.
  2. For instance, “if your PC is broken and has to be fixed. What would you look for online?
  3. Following that, the tool will provide you with a special URL that you must share with as many people as you can in your industry.
  4. People will then respond to your question, giving you a huge list of search phrases that actual users have used.

Key Features include

  • Create a Scenario – By developing a special scenario per the requirements of your website, this tool helps produce unique URLs.
  • Seed Keywords – Users may get a variety of seed keywords for free.


  • Develops scenarios used to create data collection
  • Effective obtaining keyword suggestions from actual internet users


  • Sometimes keywords aren’t very accurate.


You are not required to pay anything. no additional costs.

Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

Ahref’s Keyword Explorer
Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs was originally designed as a backlink analysis tool, thus it should come as no surprise that it has the largest backlink database worldwide and is the greatest link-building tool available. You may get information about each link, including its anchor text, do-follow or no-follow status, and more. You may also uncover link opportunities and backlink possibilities, automate internal linking, evaluate and track outbound links, determine which links are driving the most traffic to any site, and look up a site’s ranking history for any keyword.

Unique click metrics are one of its differentiating characteristics. You may find out for every term how many searches result in clicks, how many clicks there are on average for each search, how many clicks are distributed between sponsored and organic results, and how frequently people search for a certain phrase for 30 days (Return Rate (RR)).

Key Features include

  • More than 7 billion keywords are stored in a sizable database that is regularly updated by Keywords Explorer.
  • You may get statistics for 171 nations.
  • Uses websites like YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Baidu, and others can calculate keyword volumes.
  • Every month, they adjust our search volumes using clickstream data to keep them current.
  • Additionally, it displays the anticipated volume of clicks on your terms.
  • You receive SEO analytics that no other tool can provide: Return Rate, Clicks Per Search, Click Through Rate, Paid Click Through Rate, and more.
  • You may enter up to 10,000 keywords at once to view the search volumes for each one.


  • Find keyword ideas for YouTube, Amazon, Google, and Bing.
  • Keep in mind that the United States is the default selection when seeing terms related to 170+ different nations.
  • Each term has stats for search volume and keyword difficulty.
  • Use a database with over 8 billion searchable records.
  • Make lists of your most effective keywords.


  • A costly monthly Ahrefs subscription is required to view all keyword ideas.
  • Filters are not accessible to free users.
  • The free edition does not feature keyword competitor analysis.
  • It’s not often easy to use the dashboard.
  • The tool’s free version functions as an introduction to purchasing Ahrefs in its complete form.


Utilize Ahrefs for nothing on your website. With the Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency Plans, pay annually and receive two months for free.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Keyword Research Tools

In the end, only you are an expert on your subject. When people need it most, great keyword research guarantees that the proper individuals see the information.

Having the greatest tools at your disposal is a crucial step, but it’s not the only one. By continuing to stretch yourself through education, thought leadership, and tenacity, you can keep yourself (and your approach) fresh.

Would you please let us know if there are any tools we missed? Please tweet us about your top resources for keyword research or leave a comment below.

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